osu-beatmap-grabber: c0.4.3 out

Added by Kagu-chan about 3 years ago

h1. Version c0.4.3 out now

After a long time i released a new version of the tool - with some importing fixes!

h2. Installer (r0.4)

The installer runned into a thread lock on computers which are computing too fast (sounds weired, but yep, threading is complicated...) - I think i have fixed this issue.
If your installer does not update, just redownload and run it. You have nothing else to do!
If your installer runs smoothly, the update will grab the new installer anywhere...

h2. Bugfixes and improovements (c0.4.3)

As suggested from Blankz_ i added the option to disable the albums. Albums can cause a display issue on smartphones only showing the first found thumbnail found in any song.
Also i added the album info (if not disabled) to album artists - This fix the issue that smartphones (and iPad) does not sort the songs correctly.
You can now select where your songs get saved.
A better filtering for alredy added songs is added now. Not perfect, but better then before. Also it founds TV sizes better.

More infos in changelog.

I really recommend to update, since the previus version contained an memory allocation bug which lets the software uses up to 1.5~~ GB of RAM - this is just too much and not good for your computer... (And caused to dont tag songs)

h3. Changelog

+ #73: Fix AccessViolationException in appdata - now user can select target directory
+ #74: Fix crash if osu! directory not found - user input if not found
+ #77: Fix crash if osu! config not found - user input if not found
+ #78: Run Update-Actions before any other action happens
+ #88: Added ablility to disable Album
+ #89: Set Album Interpret to make correct sort on smartphones possible
+ #90: Title Info improved - now more details
+ #92: Better filter for songs and TV sizes
+ #93: Fix OutOfMemory Exception
+ Display errors, but dont stop working
+ Added message for UI release plans
+ #84: [Updater] Get rid of kcUpdater.dll
+ #85: [Updater] Fix thread lock bug


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